Pennridge School District Donates hundreds to RAMPacks

Another part of the "Serve-A-Friend" initiative was distributing the hats that had been sold as a fundraising effort for Ram-Packs.

Just before the holiday break, we finished taking orders for our “Ram Hats for Ram Packs” program. 

Together with Kampus Klothes, we raised nearly $500 for the RamPacks program that helps fight food insecurity for many Pennridge students.

RamPacks started in 2019 at Sellersville Elementary serving 25 students and quickly became a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Organizers tell us, "there are approximately 100 volunteers who work together weekly to keep the program running. Currently, RAM Packs delivers bags to every school in the district serving more than 250 every week. They tell us one bag costs approximately $8 for a typical weekend, but much more when we are supplying food for an extended vacation. So far their money has come primarily from regular donations from churches and individuals."

At our January School Board meeting RamPack organization members, Donna Huff and Randy Swope, accepted the check to aid their invaluable support of our students.