January 22, 2020 Meeting Notes

January 2020

On January 22, 2020, the Committee met and discussed the following:

  1. Welcome and introductions
    1. Superintendent of Schools; Dr. David Bolton

Dr. David Bolton welcomed the members and thanked them for their interest in joining the committee.  Dr. Bolton explained that in addition to Pennridge conducting a study on adolescent sleep and school start times, many other area school districts (11 out of the 13 in Bucks County) are conducting their own studies as well.  A goal of the Pennridge Adolescent Sleep and School Start Time Committee is to make a recommendation to the School Board this fall/early 2021. 


The recent survey, “PSD: Initial Community Feedback Survey Regarding Adolescent Sleep and School Start Time” provided great feedback from the community.


  1. Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education; Dr. Anthony Rybarczyk (Committee Chair)

Dr. Anthony Rybarczyk welcomed the committee and thanked them for participating.  Dr. Rybarczyk explained how the committee was selected and how each member brings valuable insight and opinions to the study.


  1. Committee members

Students, parents/guardians, staff and district administration introduced themselves to the group.


  1. Pennridge School District Mission Statement

The PSD Mission Statement and how it will drive our work as a committee was discussed.  See the PowerPoint presentation linked below for more information.

            Meeting PowerPoint Presentation


  1. Creating an Effective Committee
    1. Collaboration Cycle
    2. An Effective Committee
    3. Setting the Norms


  1. Why are we here?


  1. The Science of Sleep: Dr. Wendy Troxel


  1. Areas to be studied

Committee will discuss in greater detail at the February meeting.


  1. Breakout Session: KWHL Chart Activity

Committee will discuss at the February meeting.


  1. AFTGOTO/Social

Committee will discuss at the February meeting.