February 19, 2020 Meeting Notes

February 2020

On February 19, 2020, the Committee met and discussed the following:

Current school start times K-12 reviewed by committee

HS bell schedule reviewed and discussed

  • Block scheduling discussion? HS Scheduling Committee met several years ago to discuss, RAMS period decided, minutes in schedule can be shortened without making the day longer but starting earlier

Athletics schedule reviewed and discussed

  • PIAA league has had discussion (in early stages) regarding possible changes
  • Early morning practices can still occur but will be scheduled a little later in the morning

“Scenario” implications discussions within groups (positives and negatives)

Transportation discussion and impacts


KNOW and WHAT discussions within groups


·   Kids are tired and stressed

·   Research re mental health, obesity, school achievement, melatonin

·   Personal opinions vs research studies

·   Sleep is important to focus/attention


·   How will this affect middle school students?

·   What are other Bucks Co. districts doing?

·   Impacts on screen time?

·   Effects on work/jobs, homework, teacher after work schedules

·   How will Tech School students be affected?

·   Transportation, traffic patterns in the morning, student drop-off

·   Practice and game schedules, coordination with area districts

·   Athletic facility usage, how will we fit it all in with the facilities we current have

·   Morning practice scheduling, would those be cancelled or moved to a different time of day

·   Scheduling teachers that are coaches, coverage for those teachers

·   Effects on childcare

·   Effects on students who work and play sports