May 19, 2020 Meeting Notes

May 2020

On May 19, 2020, the Committee continued to focus on student sleep hygiene.

How does COVID affect our study?

Transportation and how social distancing will be implemented when school returns:

  • Seat dividers being developed, would allow 24 students per bus, currently 70+ capacity
  • Sanitizer being sprayed after each route, takes approx. 10 minutes to dry and leaves film on seats that needs to be cleaned off
  • Currently many group stops, not many individual student stops
  • Protecting the drivers is another priority, masks cause glasses to fog up, buses are hot, any protective sheets/curtains are a distraction and can distort vision
    • Plexi-glass windows/shields made by students?
    • $133/separator, 22 students/bus, 77 total buses, $231,000 expense, not including small buses or vans

Current transportation configurations, schedules per level (ES, MS, HS), private school runs and complexity, field trips, bus fleet data, etc. were discussed

Extra buses on hand are used to fill in for buses that are being maintenanced, sports runs, etc.

Breakout Session:

School start time scenarios were discussed for the following:

1. Middle 7:35/High 8:15/Elementary 9:15

  • Earliest pick up time?
  • PHS – 7am proposed pickup time?
  • Extra hour would be “very nice” per Sarah (student)
  • Strategic bussing for outlying townships, especially for middle school students
  • PHS – 3:15 end time, after school activities can begin as soon as 3:45, sports not all having to be played in the dark, students not missing as much of 11th period
  • Tech school impacts
  • Possible impacts to lunch schedule, especially for tech students
  • Most feasible scenario
  • Elementary students not getting on the bus too early but will get home 5, less need for after school care
  • Sports would be late
  • Middle school students hitting puberty/adolescent and might struggle to get up earlier

2. Elementary 7:35/Middle 8:15/High 9:15

  • Early for elementary students
  • Dismissal times be 2:45 for elementary, much more time at after school care, safety issues
  • PHS sports and student jobs would be effected

3. High and Middle Combined 8:00-8:15/Elementary 9:15

  • Extended arrival for middle and high school students
  • HS students wouldn’t be interested in going to middle schools first, more individual drivers or parent drivers
  • Mixing middle and high school students may cause issues
  • Long time for middle schoolers to be on the bus, mixing 6th graders with high schoolers causes issues with behavior, bad language, etc.
  • We like the timeframe
  • MS kids get off at school first or HS kids? Possibly more middle school students being driven to avoid being on bus with older HS students

We will keep bus ride lengths the same and will not make them longer for students.

Transportation discussion will continue at June meeting.  Student survey data will also be reviewed.