June 17, 2020 Meeting Notes

June 2020

On June 17, 2020, the Committee discussed the following:

  • High School students at Pennridge submitted their work through Canvas at night, very few submitted work in the morning during COVID district closure.
  • Students are continuously late to school, more so students who drive themselves to school.
  • Committee agrees that we must move forward with this study, even while facing COVID.
  • Students lack coping skills and coming back to school in the fall is going to be tough for everyone.
  • Changing the start time is a no brainer...we need to look at curriculum and state mandates to determine the true amount of time we need each school day.
  • It was interesting that North Carolina changed their start times to be earlier to get their data. And then to see the change in those who make it to their senior year- it was good to see numbers.

Student survey responses were reviewed

Childcare discussed: (starting middle school first, high school second, and then elementary)

Jess Krause – Any three tier model would work with current transportation, two tier models would increase the need for more buses and drivers.

Minimum number of hours required by the state for elementary?  Could we shorten their day to get elementary students home earlier in the day. 990 hours are required (instructional and non-instructional time) Buses may not be available to take elementary students home earlier as buses are doing middle and high school runs.

About how many more buses would we need if middle and high school students were bussed together?  Transportation has to roster for all students, whether they drive or are driven to school.  After first or second week of school, transportation is able to determine how many students are actually getting bussed.  Additional parking at the high school is being discussed.