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Digital Music Class

In Ms. King's 7th grade music class at North Middle School students are fully engaged in learning how to read, write, and create music. Mrs. King has found an incredible way to engage students in effective independent learning while utilizing technology to its fullest potential. She is focused on the students understanding the purpose of music.

First, students used an online program to play the virtual piano. To wrap-up the learning process, the students screen casted themselves playing the piano. They are now able to share this video with family members and turn it in through the online LMS. This allows Ms. King to check student progress and provide feedback.

The power of this project is the focus on the student's creativity. They are full engaged in the work and producing a product. Ms. King is able to rely on the technology to collect the final product. She can spend the class circulating and assisting students with the content whether in-person or bouncing around breakout rooms.