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Zooming for Collaboration

Mr. Crooke, in the past, has shared a documentary on the Scottsboro Trial for students to learn about the historical event and ultimately relate it to the book To Kill a Mockingbird. This has always been a collaborative project in the past, and Mr. Crooke was determined to maintain those student interactions in a socially distant safe manner, as well as, including virtually attending students.

Due to COVID-19, this project took place while the high school was in a hybrid schedule. Mr. Crooke was concerned about how to logistically create opportunities for students to collaborate safely and effectively. The students independently watched portions of the trial through an online tool allowing Mr. Crooke to add notes and questions to engage their thoughts. After viewing the documentary, students were assigned to a different topic to create a short presentation. While in class, students worked collaboratively in groups, including virtual attending students through Zoom. The students in class entered the Zoom and were sent into breakout rooms with their group members. They all collaborated on a common presentation deck. It was a really powerful experience to effectively include all students, and create a real-world situation of virtual collaboration.

Again, due to the high school hybrid schedule, the entire class is only together on "launch" days. Mr. Crooke took advantage of this day for each group to present through the entire class Zoom. This created an opportunity for the students to hear from, and learn from, their entire class.

This is one example of a Pennridge teacher going above and beyond to create a collaborative experience to benefit all students.