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Flipped Learning in CAD Design

When you walk in to Mr. Miller's CAD class, you will find students actively working, focused on the tasks at end, and possibly 5-8 "Mr. Millers" teaching at the same time. In order to best navigate the hybrid model of instruction, Mr. Miller started prerecording his lessons using a screen casting application. Whether the students are in school, at home, or remotely attending a class, they all have a lesson to watch and a task to complete in their CAD programs.

When asked if this is a short-term solution due to the current times, Mr. Miller, the 33 year veteran teacher, quickly responded "No". It started as a short-term solution, but he guarantees he will never go back to his old method of teaching. "Before, I would gather the students in-front of the project, demo the skills, and then they would go back to their seats to design. They had to try their best to memorize all of the steps. I spent the class running around trying to help students who forgot or missed steps."

Now, students work at their own pace. One student responded, "I love being able to pause, rewind, and watch it multiple times." Another student said, "I'm a visual learner, I need to see it. I wish all of my teachers did this." A third student watches at 1.5 speed, to navigate the video slightly quicker. This proves how each student can take an individualized approach to the lesson.

Mr. Miller still actively works with students individually, however, now he can spend his time monitoring and helping students who do not ask for help; in addition to helping the students who request it.

This Pennridge Proud teacher has embraced the current times, evaluated his own teaching style, and made drastic changes to benefit each individual student. Not only are they learning CAD skills, but they are developing the ability to be self-motivated, responsible, and take learning into their own hands. Mr. Miller has established a classroom founded on trust, clear expectations, and intrinsic motivation.