• Parent/Guardian Resources for EM4 Strategies

    Would you like to help your child with homework, but  don't understand the way it is being taught? Have you thought to yourself…”That's not how I learned to do ...."?  For many parents/guardians, partial sums, partial products, etc., are unfamiliar and can be roadblocks when trying to be a partner in their child's math education. These resources explain why we teach alternative algorithms/strategies and when they are taught to students. There are also slideshows that take parents/guardians through each algorithm, step-by-step.  Please explore them and hopefully you’ll find them helpful.


    Math sign Clipart


                           Why Do We Teach Alternative Algorithms?      Timeline for When Algorithms Are Taught                                       

    Algorithm Slideshows


             Addition                             Subtraction                      Multiplication                     Division 

            Partial Sums                     Trade First                       Partial Products                Partial Quotients 
           Column Addition               Counting Up                      Lattice                               Column Division

                                                   Partial Differences