• Welcome To Pennridge School District


    Please remember and protect your account and password info. Do not share with other individuals. 


    If you ever need to update your Computer Login password for PSD Internal Network or your Pennridge.org email password, you MUST be on a Pennridge computer while in a district building. Otherwise, your accounts will not sync/work properly when you return on site.


    PASSWORD RESET CRITERIA -- New password must contain at least 10 characters and include an upper-case letter, a lower-case letter, a number and a special character. It cannot contain your name.


    Google Account -- created for you for school purposes

    Username:   «google_username»@pennridge.us


    PSD Key Account -- login screen will appear after you login to a Pennridge computer and open a Google browser.

    Username and Password -- are the same as your Computer Login for PSD Internal Network.



    Office 365 (all users) and Canvas (secondary level teachers only) 

    Username:   «Employee»@psd.pennridge.org

    Password:     is the same as your Computer Login for PSD Internal Network.  If you change your Computer Login for PSD Internal Network, the Office365 password will synchronize within several hours.


    All requests for assistance must be issued as a helpdesk ticket.

    Email helpdesk@pennridge.org or call 855-876-6196 with any technology issues.