• The Pennridge School District enforces the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's School Attendance Law. The law states: "A maximum of ten days of cumulative lawful absences verified by parental notification may be permitted during the school year. All absences beyond ten cumulative days require an excuse from a physician."


    Absences include illness, quarantine, required court appearance, death in the family, educational tours and trips, as well as family vacations. The law clearly states no student may be absent from school more than ten cumulative days without a written doctor's excuse, including prearranged/approved educational trips or family vacations. 


    Cumulative absences include illness covered by parental contact (written excuse, fax, email, verbal communication via telephone call), family vacation while school is in session (pre-approval needed), truancy, and other absences not classified as non-cumulative. Non-cumulative absences include extended illness verified by a doctor's note, death in the family, religious holiday as designated by the Department of Education, and out-of-school suspension. 


    Should you plan family vacations during the school year, please understand this time away from school will be combined with all other absences. Should the total cumulative absences exceed ten days, a written doctor's excuse will be required, or the absences will be considered unlawful.


    Please do not schedule any family vacations or educational trips during the time our school administers the state PSSA exams as these requests will be denied.