• Please send all communication pertaining to a student's absence, late arrival and early dismissal to the WREAttendance@pennridge.org email address. You may also use this email address for car rider notification.


    If your child is absent and you do not send an email/note or call the attendance line, the absence will be coded "unlawful" until parent notification is received.


    Should a remote student have a late arrival or an early dismissal, the dismissal and arrival times must be reported to the attendance email.


    Doctor notes must be turned in to the office within three (3) days of the student’s return to school or at-home learning for the absence to be marked non-cumulative. Doctor notes can be faxed to West Rockhill at 215-257-2802.


    Should you have any questions pertaining to attendance, please call the office at 215-257-9200.