Grade 6:  Gemini Team

    6th Grade Suggested Supplies:


    Successful students arrive at North Middle School well-prepared. Your teaching team has compiled a list of supplies and materials that you will need to begin the school year. This checklist will ensure that you have the necessary materials to begin sixth grade. 



    Two 2” three-ring binders with dividers OR small binders (one per class) 

    One 3-ring pencil bag 

    Silent pencil sharpener 

    Colored pencils 

    Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS (optional but preferred) 

    Several pairs of earbuds with cords 

    Five spiral notebooks – one for each class    OR loose-leaf paper  


    Sharpies (medium and fine-tipped) 

    Pencilsand pencil eraser caps- be prepared to replenish throughout the year 

    Tissues/Hand Sanitizer/Lysol Wipes (classroom use) 

    Four 3-prong-folder with pockets for encore classes 

    Wellness: One 1-inch binder 

    Green, gray, white, or black shirt with last name on the back.   

    Green, gray, white, or black athletic shorts.