Mixed Choir

  • Mixed Choir is a curricular ensemble comprised of 9th through 12th grade students interested in the choral arts. Students explore the basics of music literacy, sight-singing, aural training, and the beginning of the traditional choral canon. Any student is welcome to sign up for the course and there is no pre-requisite. Students will occasionally rehearse and perform outside of school hours for regular concerts in the Winter and Spring of each year. 

  • Concert Choir is an honors level course comprised of 10th through 12th grade students. Concert Choir members explore singing technique, appropriate practices for each musical time period, and a contrasting variety of repertoire in differing languages. Concert Choir members audition for the curricular ensemble in January of the previous school year and are accepted based upon this audition.Outside of the school day, Concert Choir performs regularly throughout the year at Pennridge and in the community. 

Concert Choir