• Our School


    Located in beautiful Upper Bucks County, Patricia A. Guth Elementary is a kindergarten through grade five elementary school with approximately 500 students and 50 staff members, dedicated to academic, social, and emotional growth of our community. We are one of seven elementary schools in the Pennridge School District. Our community is committed to inspiring young learners to fulfill their own promise and potential.


    Originally called Perkasie Elementary School, the building was completed as a brick, one-story building located in Perkasie between Fifth and Seventh Streets. When the building opened in the spring of 1963, elementary students were bused from Arch Street and Third Street Elementary Schools.  The initial students of Perkasie Elementary actually assisted with the move from one building to another. Equipment and furniture were moved over the weekend and the school began to be used the following Monday. The school had several expansions between 1964 and 1992 as it changed toward the two-story facility now attended by its students. 


    The school at 601 North 7th Street was called Perkasie Elementary School until a Resolution of the Pennridge School District Board of Directors on June 18, 1992, rededicated the school as Dr. Patricia A. Guth Elementary School.  The school was named after Dr. Guth in recognition of her work in the district and community. Today Patricia A. Guth Elementary School is a fitting tribute to Dr. Guth's work and the faculty, staff, families, and students who have shaped it over the last six decades.

  • Our Learning Community


    Although Guth is located in the heart of Perkasie, Pennsylvania. We draw students from across the communities of the Pennridge School District. The faculty, staff, families, and students of Guth Elementary work together to support a learning environment that values academic, social, and emotional growth for all students. With a kind and welcoming approach, all involved with Guth strive to create a positive and enjoyable learning experience for students and families.


    Approximately eighty percent of Guth's students come from Perkasie and neighborhoods just outside of town. The school enjoys amazing support from the Borough of Perkasie, the Perkasie Police Department, and the Perkasie Fire Department. As proud members of the Perkasie Community, our fourth-grade students continue to participate in a heritage tour led by local historian, Ivan Jurin.


    Patricia A. Guth Elementary is also proud to welcome English language learners from across the district. Our English Learners typically represent at least ten different languages and cultural backgrounds. It is a tremendous benefit to our learners to enjoy the diversity and culture present at Guth. Our students are able to share varied traditions, languages, and cultures throughout their experience with us.


    With a dedicated faculty and staff, strong community resources, and the remarkable support of our amazing families, Patricia A. Guth Elementary enjoys a reputation as a positive place for children to learn and grow.