Pennridge North Middle School Sports

    Mr. Ronald Taylor Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

    Mrs. Joyce Sulat, Secretary



    The philosophy of Pennridge North Middle School Athletics is derived from our governing body, the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, Inc (PIAA). As such, it is our hope to provide the opportunity for middle school students to represent their school and their community as they participate in interscholastic sports. Furthermore, interscholastic activities offer students significant lifetime learning experiences that cannot be duplicated in any other instructional setting.

    Scholastic eligibility shall be determined by ascertaining the pupil's standing in each subject at intervals of one week, during the semester or term. Class standing is defined as the grade or mark in a given subject, for all work covered from the beginning of the year/semester or term, to date. (PIAA Constitution)

    Pennridge North Middle School will run academic reports each Monday morning. At that time, students who are cumulatively failing two or more subjects will not be permitted to attend practice or games that week.

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