• Robert B. Deibler Elementary School

    Staff Directory

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    Voice Mailboxes 215-453-2765 (extensions are listed next to each name)


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    Our Office Staff


    Principal, Mrs. Maria Pulli (ext. 541001)

    Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Patti Keeler (ext. 541002)

    Attendance Clerk, Mrs. Patty Youmans (ext. 541003)



    Our School Counselor


    Mrs. Tori Triglia ( ext. 541006)


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    Our Kindergarten Team


    Mrs. Krista Granite   (VM 222079)



    Autistic Support


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    Our First Grade Team


    Ms. Nicole Ray (VM 222087)


    Ms Julia Wetzel


    Mrs. Lisa Walters




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    Our Second Grade Team


    Mrs. Andrea Laubach(VM 222082)


    Mrs. Summer Renshaw (VM 222089)


    Ms. Denise Trafidlo(VM 222094) 



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    Our Third Grade Team


    Ms. Pam Chelbus (VM 222074)


    Mrs. Amanda Mahaney (VM 222083)



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    Our Fourth Grade Team

    Ms. Madison Bender ()

    Mrs. Tracee Myers (VM 222084)

    Mrs. Kathy Ronald (VM  222091)





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    Our Fifth Grade Team

    Mrs. Katie Dunn ()

    Mrs. Karen Reed (VM 222088)

    Mrs. Brenda Wundschock (VM 222620)





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    Our Art Team

    Mrs. Claudia Balant (VM 222073)

    Mrs. Sheena Tenney (VM 222428)


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    Our Gifted Support & S.T.E.M. Program Teacher 

    Mrs. Lindsay Wood (VM 222097)



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    Our Health and Physical Education Teacher

    Mrs. Melissa Cartwright (VM 222437)

    Mr. Chad Shaw (VM 222390)


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     Our Library Team

    Librarian, Mrs. Laura Philip (VM 222085)

    Library Aide,  Mrs. Allison Valdez


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    Our Music Team

    Vocal Music, Mrs. Sara Gray (VM 222080

    Mrs. Katie Litzenberger (VM 222717)


    Instrumental Music Click here for more information

    Mrs. Krysti Wallace (VM 222384)Click here for website

    Ms. Beth Stanell (VM 222328)



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    Our Learning Support Team

    Mrs. Nicole Stanziola K-3 (VM 222092)

    Ms. Laura Hickmott 4th Gr. (VM 222617)

    Mrs. Melissa Wallace 5th Gr. (VM 222095)


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    Our Teaching Assistants


    Ms. Molly Blash (ext. 541002)

    Ms. Karlee Beebie (ext. 541002)

    Ms. Marie Gottshall (ext. 541002)

    Ms. Mary Love (ext. 541002)

    Ms. Crystal Nagy (ext. 541002)

    Ms. Linda Sestito (ext. 541002)

    Ms. Hannah Smith (ext. 541002)



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    Our School Counselor

    Mrs. Tori Triglia ( ext. 541006)



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    Our Instructional Support Teacher

    Mrs. Mary Smith (VM 222123)


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    Our Reading Specialist

    Ms. Kendal Williamson (VM 222106)


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    Our Nursing Staff

    Certified School Nurse, Ms. Ginny Egan (ext. 541004)

    Staff Nurse, Susie Fischer (ext. 541004)


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    Our Speech and Language Therapist

    Mrs. Brooke Dubyk ( ext. 542411)



    physical therapist clilpart

    Our Physical Therapist





    school psychologist clipart

    Our School Psychologist 

    Ms. Tricia Thomas (ext. 522033)



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    Our Cafeteria Team


    Cafeteria Manager, Ms. Tracy Benckert (ext. 546000)

    Ms. Lynn Labb (ext. 546000)

    Assistant,  Mr. Kevin Rech (ext. 546000)


    Monitor, Ms. Bernadette Esterly (ext.541002)

    Ms. Lindsay Covelins (ext. 541002)




    custodial clipart


    Our Custodial Team


    Building Facilities Manager, Mr. Kevin Brown (ext. 543000)

    Evening Custodian, Mr. Ian Slavin (ext. 541002)

    Evening Custodian, Mr. Michael Stover (ext. 541002)