• Once I choose a pathway, am I stuck in it forever?


    No! Students may switch their pathway each year if necessary. Sometimes it can be just as important to rule OUT what you don’t want to do! 


    What happens once I choose a pathway?


    You’ll gain access to guest speakers and work-based learning opportunities that are paired with your interests, as well as more individualized recommendations for course programming.


    Will I be allowed to take courses outside of my pathway?


    Absolutely! The goal of career pathways is not to limit your opportunity to explore your interests, but rather to allow you to delve into them more deeply.


    Do all students have to choose a Pathway? 


    Students are NOT required to choose a pathway. We highly encourage you to pick one and discover all the opportunities available.


    My student wants to be a teacher. Are they able to complete job shadows and mentorships within Pennridge School District?


    Yes! Education falls within the Human & Family Career Pathway and all the requirements can be met within the Pennridge School District. We encourage students to complete job shadows/observations at all levels (Elementary, Middle, & High School). This will allow exposure to various student groups, building cultures, schedule differences, and content delivery. Approval from the building principal and cooperating teacher is required.


    Can a student participate in music and world language courses and still complete a pathway?


    Yes, a student may participate in music and/or world language courses while meeting all the requirements of a Pathway.  Students should consult with their School Counselor or Career Pathway Coordinator to map out coursework specific to their plans. 


    Which Pathway does a military branch fall under?


    There are a variety of career fields available within each branch of the military.  Your specific job interest in the military (i.e. engineer, nurse, sonar technician, cybersecurity, culinary, military police, etc.) will determine your pathway.


    How can a local business or organization partner with Pennridge's Career Pathways Program?


    We strongly encourage the building of partnerships with local/regional businesses and organizations. The easiest way to become involved and connected is by completing the Business Partner Survey or by emailing the Career Pathways Coordinator (CareerPathways@pennridge.org) for more information.


    If a student does not have their own transportation, can he/she participate in off-campus experiences?


    Students should contact the Career Pathways Coordinator to discuss their individual situations. The Pathways team is committed to working with students to the best of their ability to provide meaningful opportunities to ALL students.