• Each of the academic pathways listed below offers a unique combination of Pennridge High School courses and career experiences.

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    Arts & Communications Pathway

    Students interested in this career pathway will pursue courses that study how people process and document the human experience.  Students interested in this career pathway will study topics such as philosophy, literature, religion, fine and practical art, music, history, and language. Students should have the following skills to maximize their success. For example, interpersonal (people) skills, communication skills, listening skills, time management, and empathy, among others. Sample careers include dancer, computer graphic designer, editor, stagehand, web designer, art director, musician, florist, composer, animator, interior designer, model, and advertising creator.

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    Engineering, Industry, & Manufacturing Pathway

    This Pathway is designed to cultivate students’ interests, awareness and application to careers related to technologies necessary to design, develop, install, and maintain physical systems. Students will pursue courses that require the use of engineering and design process and advanced technologies to develop or improve upon and idea or product. Successful students in this pathway typically have the following skills: critical thinking, detailed oriented, problem solving, analytical skills, decision making, mechanical, and logical skills. Sample careers include architect, electrician, nuclear engineer, airline pilot, auto mechanic, civil engineer, heavy machine operator, draftsman, technical writer, and chemical engineer.

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    Finance, Business Services, & Information Technology Pathway

    Students interested in this career pathway will pursue courses that relate to the pursuit of a professional venture or worldwide learning opportunity. Students interested in this career pathway will study topics that relate to his or her own role in the global economy. The increasingly global and technology sophisticated business world provides a wide variety of rewarding business careers. Every company in every industry needs business professionals to operate efficiently. Valuable skills would include organizational, math, computer, reporting, managerial, and analytical skills. Sample careers include bank teller, chef, economist, payroll clerk, real estate agent, financial advisor, travel agent, software engineer, system analyst, computer programmer, and human resource manager.

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    Human & Family Services Pathway

    Students interested in meeting the needs of others and/or caring for others can find careers in the Pathway. Careers exist in areas related to all areas of individual, family, and community services are available. Government and military careers also exist in this Pathway. This pathway requires several key skills, including communication, leadership, mental preparedness, physical fitness, emotional intelligence, teamwork and collaboration and critical thinking. Sample careers include teacher, cosmetologist, crime lab technician, food service manager, lawyer, hotel manager, personal trainer, and mental health counselor.

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    Science & Health Pathway

    This Pathway is designed to cultivate students’ interests in the life, physical and behavioral sciences. In addition, it involves the planning, managing, and providing of therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health information and biochemistry research and development. Students interested in this industry should possess the following skills: empathy, emotional, decision making, communication, integrity, time management, and organizational skills. Sample careers include home health aide, respiratory technician, geologist, animal caretaker, EMT, dietician, Veterinary technician, physician, sound engineer, marine biologist, and registered nurse.

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    This pathway is intended for students still exploring areas of interest. In addition to taking a variety of electives, students may choose to enroll in a variety of career experience opportunities to further investigate a potential career. Students in the undeclared pathway are required to meet the general graduation requirements.

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