• We are pleased to continue the One-to-One Computing Program at Pennridge High School. Our teachers are creating learning experiences that require consistent access to technology. The laptop is a necessary learning tool that will continue to be a large part of the students’ academic experience during their time at Pennridge High School. 


    Please read all the following information below carefully to learn more about the laptop program.




    If you are purchasing a new school bag for the upcoming year, please get a bag that has a compartment for a laptop with padding.   The dimensions of the laptops are approximately 11.81”x 8.5”x 0.87”.

    The commitment that the district and community has made toward this project is a significant one. It is important that students are responsible with their laptop. The Board of Education and Administration are asking that you share in this commitment. The school district will take several steps to ensure students are well positioned to properly care for the device.  These precautions include:

    Offering of accidental damage coverage for the computer.

    Opportunities to put the laptop in a secure location when the device is not being used.

    Clear instructions about proper care and student responsibilities.

    We have taken every precaution available to make sure students will be in a position to take appropriate care of the laptop. Please note, the student will be held financially accountable for the current cost of the laptop/charger/stylus in the case of willful or negligent damage or failure to securely store the laptop/charger/stylus resulting in loss or theft. This is in accordance with district practices for property and Pennridge School District Policy #224 Care of School Property.


    We are confident that with our guidance and your reinforcement, our students can and will be responsible with the laptop.


    Accidental Damage Protection Fee (ADP):

    The Board of Education and the Administration of Pennridge School District presents the Accidental Damage Protection Fee as an option for coverage against accidents. Pennridge School District strongly recommends that you purchase the Accidental Damage Protection insurance each year. The fee for this protection is set at a non-refundable $35 annually per student.

    What does the $35 fee cover?

    The $35.00 fee will offset the cost of the accidental damage insurance on the laptop. The annual fee covers incidents including but not limited to, unintentional dropping of the device, liquid spills, cracked screens, and broken keyboards IF the damage is deemed accidental. It will NOT COVER damage sustained through intentional, willful or malicious acts. Any intentional damage to the physical laptop by uses of writing/drawing/etching/stickers/decals is strictly prohibited and this permanent damage will be interpreted as VANDALISM.   In addition, the laptop should not be taken apart for any reason as damage and/or void of warranty could occur.  ADP does not cover rain damage.  Students ARE responsible for the cost of repairs in these cases. This fee does not cover theft or loss of laptop and/or charger and/or stylus.   ADP does not cover damage to the stylus or charger under any circumstance.


    What if I opt out (decline) the coverage?

    If you do not purchase the accidental damage protection coverage and the laptop must be repaired, you will be held responsible for all parts and labors at the rates charged by the district’s service provider.  These charges will be considered financial obligations on your student’s record and must be paid for your student to take part in school activities such as prom and graduation.  You may not take the laptop to your own service provider or try to fix it on your own. To opt out, choose ‘Decline Insurance’ under ‘Select a payment Method’ on the ‘Payment and Submit’ screen.

    Typical estimated repair costs are listed below (all are subject to change without notice)

    Broken keyboard - $75  

    Top cover replacement - $64

     Base enclosure - $65

                                                                           Touch Pad - $57

     Touch screen LCD - $364

     Mother board - $309

     SSD Hard Drive - $112

     Labor - $112.50/hr How do I pay the fee?

    For your convenience, Pennridge School District will use the PowerSchool Enrollment program to collect the fee online. This program enables parents and guardians to update student information as well as pay their computer ADP fee. The fee can be paid online when you update your student’s information through PowerSchool Enrollment. This will be available during the beginning of August.


    If paying by check, please make the check payable to Pennridge School District in the amount of $35.00. It is very important that you write the student’s name on the check. Please drop it off or mail it to Pennridge High School, 1228 N. Fifth Street, Perkasie, PA 18944 and mark to the attention of your student’s grade level principal.

    The ADP fee must be paid or a payment plan in place PRIOR to your student picking up the laptop. The insurance CANNOT be added after the student has picked up their computer.


    What if my son or daughter qualifies for Free and Reduced Lunch?

    Students who will qualify for free and reduced lunch do not have to pay the ADP insurance fee in order to have insurance coverage. On the ‘Payment and Submit’ screen, choose the option “Administrative Waiver” as payment method, if you qualify. To apply for Free & Reduced Meals visit www.schoolcafe.com and click Register.


    What if you have concerns about payment?

    Families should contact their grade level principal to discuss a payment plan. This can be arranged so that your student can obtain their laptop during the scheduled distribution time.







    Laptop Distribution Schedule:

    Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors: Students may pick up their laptop in the library in August.  Dates and times will be communicated through a BlackBoard Connect email. Forms must be completed through PowerSchool Enrollment for your student to receive their laptop. If a student is not able to come during the scheduled times, they will be able to pick up their laptop during study hall the first week of school.

     Freshman Distribution and Laptop Orientation:

    Laptop orientation will take place during the first 2 weeks of school.  Freshman laptops will only be distributed to those that have completed all the Parent Signoff forms via PowerSchool Enrollment.   


    Laptop Care:

    A laptop is fun to use, but it is not a toy! The laptop belongs to Pennridge School District. Like other resources the school provides, it is your responsibility to care for the laptop appropriately. As the primary user of this laptop, it is your responsibility to maintain its condition throughout the year. Here are some tips to help ensure the laptop is properly cared for:

    Put your laptop down gently! The corners of the laptop can crack if you put it or your bag down too roughly.

    Security: Laptops and laptop chargers are very attractive targets to thieves. Never leave your laptop or charger unsecured or unattended. Make sure you lock your locker when they are inside of it. Lost or stolen charges must be replaced with school district equipment and paid for by the student. No replacement equipment purchased outside of the school district is permitted.

     Closing the Laptop:  Make certain there are no objects on the keyboard when you shut the laptop, as this will damage or crack the screen.

     Network/Password Security: It is very important that you keep your password secure. You are responsible for the safety of your files and network access. Allowing someone else to have your password and network access can lead to serious problems.   No use of unsanctioned VPNs or any software bypassing district security is permitted.  Two Hands!  When moving or holding the laptop, use two hands.  Close the lid before moving or carrying the laptop.  If it drops to the floor it will likely break, especially the screen.

    Food and Water:  Be very careful of any liquids near the laptop.

    Do not remove the ID label or place any stickers or markings on the laptop. When you return your laptop at the end of the school year, it should look as it did when you received it.  These computers are leased district property and are not be ‘personalized’.

     Charge your battery at night.  The battery for the laptop should last the school day if you charge it completely each evening.  It is your responsibility to come in with battery charged.

     Report any damage to your teacher as soon as it happens. Accidental damage is covered by the laptop's insurance if purchased and other damage may be covered by car or homeowner's insurance. If the ADP fee has not been paid, the student is financially responsible for the repairs.

     Technical Assistance:  If your laptop is not functioning properly, talk with your teacher immediately. There are loaner laptops available if your laptop is not working.

                     Battery: Do not attempt to remove the battery for the laptop as significant damage can occur to the unit.




     Laptop: You are responsible for your laptop.  Do not leave it unattended at school.  If you lose your laptop, there is a replacement fee you will need to pay.  ($778)

     Charger: You are responsible for your charger. Do not leave it unattended at school. If you lose your charger, there is a replacement fee you will need to pay. ($36 or $39 depending on model)

     Stylus: You are responsible for your stylus. Do not leave it unattended at school. If you lose your stylus, there is a replacement fee you will need to pay. ($39)

        Backing Up Important Files: It is your responsibility to back up your important files to your Google Drive or OneDrive folders.

     Battery Conservation Tips: When you take your laptop home, be sure it is fully recharged for the next school day. The amount of work time your battery can provide before you need to recharge depends on the applications and peripheral devices you are currently using, and the steps you take to conserve power while you work. For the best conservation of battery power, disconnect any peripherals when they are not in use, quit open applications that you are not using and put your laptop to sleep whenever you can.

     Sleep and Shutting Down: Put your laptop to sleep when you carry it to and from classes and when carrying it to and from home. Shutting down and restarting periodically helps the laptop run internal checks and maintenance routines.

     Access to the PSD Network: Student computers come installed with an ‘always on’ VPN client.  This ensures you have access to the district’s network from home, so network resources, and filtering are available from anywhere that has internet access.