The Pennridge School District is committed to protecting the privacy of all students and their families. The following is provided to offer you as a parent the right to choose the level of involvement your child has with media products and coverage due to the increase use of technology in the district.

    Outside Usage

    This section discusses whether or not your child may be photographed, videotaped, or recorded for the local news media, publicity or for district media purposes, such as newsletters, school and district presentations, district advertisements, district web sites, and social media accounts.  To ensure that parents/guardians have a reasonable understanding of the implications of this authorization and the limitations placed on the district, we have developed the following list of understandings:

    • Student participation in any media coverage is voluntary and at the student’s and/or parents’ own


    • Student participation in any media coverage is not part of any course or activity requirement or assignment and will have no effect on a student’s grade or membership status in any group or club;
    • The school district has no authority or control over the content of the pictures, interview questions, descriptions or articles generated by any member of the press/news media;
    • The school district has no authority or control over the format of the presentation, including editorial decisions, headings, cropping, or editing;
    • The school district has no authority or control over future uses of the visual and/or print renditions of the media coverage, including print publications, televised displays, and/or posting on the Internet;
    • Parental authorization of student participation is interpreted by the school district as a private act which falls outside the limitations and protections provided by school policy, including privacy protections and restrictions on the public release of personal information such as student name, school of attendance, town of residence, etc.


    Please select one option on the online form for the Outside Usage.

    • I hereby give my full and complete permission, without reservation or restriction, for my child to be photographed, (still or motion), and/or tape-recorded, (audio or video), by employees of the Pennridge School District, its education partner organizations, and/or agents of the media.  I understand and agree that I am hereby waiving all claims to the use of said photographs, films, videotapes, audiotapes, or other audiovisual representations taken or made of my child.



    • I do not permit my child to be photographed, videotaped, or recorded.           

    Internal Purposes

    Due to the rise of technology in our world, and the expectation for students to embrace 21st Century Learning techniques, students have access to educational opportunities like never before.  Many of these capture the likeness of students for internal purposes only and are only shared within the confines of the classroom.  If likeness travels outside the classroom, they are sent directly to the parents involved and are not accessible to the general public.

    • Digital Blogging and Journaling – These applications allow students to reflect on their learning. Examples include: SeeSaw, Flipgrid, EduBlog, etc.
    • Digital Fieldtrips and Guest Speakers – These applications allow students to connect with people throughout the world.  Although not recorded, students will be able to be seen by guest speakers and professionals that will add to their learning.  Examples include: Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.
    • Other 21st Century Applications – Experiences that use artistic elements to help students create and grow as leaners.

    Please select one option on the online form for the Internal Purposes.

    • I agree to the use of my child’s image, video, voice, work, and/or first name to be used for general educational purposes and to celebrate student work.




    • I do not wish for my child to use these applications and realize that learning activities may be differentiated to accommodate this choice.