Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


    District Goals

    1. Continue to provide learning activities for employees, students, and the community to address the fact that within the Pennridge boundaries racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, lack of understanding of our LGBQT+ community, prejudice against our ESL students and non-English speaking students, exists and to embrace diversity of all kinds. The activities will include professional learning sessions and focus groups and reinforce the use of Safe to Say for students who need support with bullying related to any of these diversity areas.
    2. Conduct an internal diversity audit to examine K-12 curriculum in the district to ensure that at all grade levels that we include authors and representations from diverse viewpoints throughout the school calendar year.
    3. Working within the current safety protocols, hold a community forum to encourage education and conversation regarding diversity and equity.
    4. Continue our attempts to attract additional diverse candidates to the Pennridge School District through promotional materials and expanded job fairs.
    5. Organize professional learning opportunities to focus on communication with our English Language Learners and their families, utilizing SeeSaw and other communication tools that are more visual and translate easily.
    6. Incorporate representatives of all stakeholders in the participation of and decision-making process of this DEI workgroup.