• What are the times for the kindergarten sessions?

  • What is the age requirement to enter kindergarten?

  • Will my child be tested before entering kindergarten?

  • Does my child need to have a physical or dental exam to enter kindergarten?

  • Should I bring my child with me to registration?

  • Can I request which teacher I would like my child to have?

  • Can I make a request for an AM or PM placement, and when will I be notified of the session placement?

  • Can I request a special placement with friends/neighbors/relatives for carpooling?

  • Is kindergarten full day?

  • Does the district provide daycare for the other half of the day?

  • Can my child still register if the March window has passed?

  • Will my child receive busing?

  • What is the average class size?

  • Does having other children in the district give me special placement privilege?