• TAKES PRIDE - Social and Emotional Learning

    The Pennridge School District has undertaken an initiative to reinforce social and emotional learning in our students. Social and emotional learning skills include the ability to recognize and manage emotions; care about and respect others; develop positive relationships; make good decisions, and behave responsibly and ethically. 

    To support this, the district has identified ten themes to develop the competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.  Those ten themes form the acronym TAKES PRIDE. These themes have been used to shape social and emotional learning for all students in Pennridge.  We focus on one theme of positive behavior each month that promotes social and emotional learning. Every day, students hear a relevant famous quote, followed by a statement to help reinforce the quote. They are encouraged to think about and to practice the monthly theme in their lives, preparing themselves for success in school, in the world of work, and in their personal relationships.


    "Twenty-first century leadership requires self-awareness, authenticity, empathy, and the ability to self-manage emotions - especially in conflict, during crises, and under pressure." - Matt Segneri, Director of the Social Enterprise Initiative - Harvard Business School

    "The bottom line is that SEL improves academic outcomes, graduation rates, test scores, and overall quality of life." - Alonda Williams, Senior Director - Education Microsoft

    "We would do well to listen to all the empathy-seeking employers out there who are clamoring for employees with social and emotional competency." - Joan Cole Duffell, Executive Director - Committee for Children

    Our Commitment:

    "Pennridge School District strives to provide all students with a well-rounded educational experience where they acquire the 21st century skills necessary for a successful future." 
    - Pennridge School District Mission Statement

    "This comprehensive plan does contain increased programming focused on social and emotional learning and social and emotional intelligence." - Pennridge School District Comprehensive Plan