• Timeline

     *timeline subject to change due to 2020 pandemic


    • Administrative staff and board member attended school start time seminars
      • Bucks County Intermediate Unit
      • Pennsylvania Joint State Government Commission Report Presentation
      • A Board Members Perspective on Changes to School Start Time Presentation
    • Bensalem School Start Time Forum


    • November 13 – District Administrative group attending Start School Later, Inc. conference
    • November 18 – Present Action Plan at the School Board Meeting
    • Administer Initial Community Feedback Survey


    • Analyze survey results and recruit a group of diverse participates for the PSDSSSTC (Pennridge School District Sleep and School Start Time Committee)
    • Hold the first PSDSSSTC meeting 


    • Committee Work
      • Review literature
      • Collect information from districts who have explored school start time 


    • Committee Work
      • Continue reviewing literature
      • Begin exploration of logistical considerations
    • Adolescent sleep expert present to students, parents, staff, and community members
    • Teen Sleep Habit Survey administered to students grades 8th through 12th 


    • Committee Work
      • Logistical implications considered
      • Meet with a variety of community stakeholders 


    • Committee Work
      • School start time scenarios developed and analyzed  


    • Hold forums to share-out findings and express further areas of research required to develop recommendations
    • Committee Work
      • Begin to develop initial recommendation

    Summer 2020

    • District Administration developing and refining initial recommendation

    Fall 2020

    • Initial recommendation presented to the School Board and Pennridge Community

    Fall 2020-Early winter 2021

    • Adolescent sleep expert present to students, parents, staff, and community members
    • Multiple community forums to share recommendation
    • Final revisions to initial recommendation based on feedback from community forums 

    February 2021

    • Final recommendation presented to School Board and Pennridge Community 

    March/April 2021

    • School Board Vote on Final recommendation
visual timeline of sleep study