All schools have an automated Online Payment System in the cafeterias.  All students have a school lunch account.  To add money to their lunch account, simply send cash or a check to school (made payable to Pennridge Nutritional Services).


    Online payments can be made by visiting www.ezschoolpay.com.  Ezschoolpay accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover or electronic debit of a checking account.  Additionally, student purchases can be viewed on this website.


    Each student’s ID number is their Pennridge Student ID number.  If you don’t have this number, feel free to call our office at 215-453-2353.


    Transferring money between siblings:

    If you would like to transfer money from one child’s account to another, please email swhite@pennridge.org or call the Nutritional Services office at 215-453-2353.   We will be happy to assist you.


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