• Pennridge School District Real Estate Tax Information

    Real Estate Tax is the primary source of revenue for funding the operation of the Pennridge School District.  The tax is based on an assessed valuation, as determined by the Bucks County Board of Assessment, of all taxable property within the School District’s eight municipalities.  Real Estate taxes are collected by an elected tax collector in each municipality.


    Current Real Estate Tax Bill Information and Payment Schedule:

    • Pennridge School District current millage rate is 135.2555 (decimal format = .1352555)
    • School District Real Estate Tax bills are mailed to homeowners each year by July 1st.
    • Homeowners that do not receive their tax bill are responsible to contact the tax collector for their municipality to get a copy
    • Schedule for Payment of current year real estate taxes:
      • Payments made by August 31st allows for a 2% discount.
      • Payments made from September 1st through October 31st must be made at the face amount of the tax bill.
      • Payments made from November 1st through December 31st must include a 10% penalty for the tax bill to be considered paid in full.
      • Tax bills that remain unpaid on January 1st will have a lien filed against the property with the County of Bucks.
    • There is a provision for installment payments of taxes.  See tax bill for details.
    • Example of an average tax bill calculation:        
      • Assessed Property Value $45,000
      • Current year millage rate .1352555
      • Face amount of tax bill $6,086.50
      • 2% discount for payment by August 31st (121.73) for a total payment of $5,964.77
      • 10% penalty for payment after October 31st + 608.65 for a total payment of $6,695.15


    Homestead Rebate for the 2022-2023 School Year:

    Pursuant to Act 1 and because of the Gambling Rebate, the assessed value of properties qualifying as a homestead or a farmstead will be reduced, providing a $253.19 per homestead and a $253.19 tax rebate per farmstead.  (The rebate amount would only be less than these amounts for homestead properties with assessed values under $1,872.00 and farmstead properties with assessed values under $1,872.00.)



    Interim Real Estate Tax

    Interim taxes are levied under Act 544 of 1952 (Section 677.1) on the increase in assessed property valuations, because of construction or improvements, that occur after the initial tax bill for that property.  The assessed property value on all future Real Estate tax bills will reflect the updated property value.

    Property assessment values are updated, and interim tax bills generated every other month over the course of a school year, starting with the month of August.  You can expect to receive an interim tax bill from the County after they have received notice of the completion of a home improvement and an updated property appraisal from the county assessor.


    Delinquent Real Estate Tax

    Current school year real estate tax bills not paid by December 31st, of the current school year, are considered delinquent.  A list of unpaid tax bills is sent to Bucks County Tax Claim Bureau, where a lien is placed against the property for which the taxes remain unpaid.

    Payment of delinquent taxes must be made directly to Bucks County Tax Claim Bureau.  Tax Collectors and the school district can no longer accept payment of taxes once a lien has been placed against a property.  To satisfy a lien, the initial property tax amount and all applicable interest, penalties and lien fees must be paid.  Contact the Tax Claim Bureau at 215-348-6274 for further information on satisfying property liens.


    Real Estate Transfer Tax

    A local real estate transfer tax is levied, under Act 511, at a rate of 2% of the sale price of all real estate sold within the boundaries of Pennridge School District.  One percent goes to the State of Pennsylvania with the one percent split equally between Pennridge School District and the municipality where the real estate is located.