Operations Kelly Harper Director of Operations KHarper@Pennridge.org 215-257-5047
    Operations Craig Bramble, Jr. Assistant Director CBramble@Pennridge.org  
    Operations Traci Schuler Secretary TSchuler@Pennridge.org 215-257-5046
    Operations Roger Affleck HVAC and Plumbing Tech   215-257-5046
    Operations Joe Hnosko HVAC and Plumbing Tech   215-257-5046
    Operations         VACANT HVAC and Plumbing Tech   215-257-5046
    Operations Fred Maser HVAC and Plumbing Tech   215-257-5046
    Operations Zach Steich Electrician   215-257-5046
    Operations Lance Strawser Maintenance Tech   215-257-5046
    Operations Paul Silverstri Maintenance Tech   215-257-5046
    Operations Steve Ennis Maintenance Tech   215-257-5046
    Operations Brian Worthington Grounds   215-257-5046
    Operations Lorn Strawser Grounds   215-257-5046
    Operations Chris Orlando Grounds   215-257-5046
    Operations Shane Fasy Grounds   215-257-5046
    High School Chris Bogen Facilities Manager CBogen@Pennridge.org 215-453-6944 ext 2331
    Central MS Peter Sieron Facilities Manager PSieron@Pennridge.org 215-258-0946 ext 6
    North MS Rich Joyce Facilities Manager RJoyce@Pennridge.org 215-453-6932 ext 3
    South MS Randy Wagner Facilities Manager RWagner@Pennridge.org 215-257-0469 ext 3
    Bedminster ES Paul Smith Facilities Manager PSmith@Pennridge.org 215-795-0329 ext 3
    Deibler ES Kevin Brown Facilities Manager KBrown@Pennridge.org 215-257-1146 ext 3
    Grasse ES Brian Krebs Facilities Manager BKrebs@Pennridge.org 215-723-2030 ext 3
    Guth ES Randy White Facilities Manager RWhite@Pennridge.org 215-257-8220 ext 3
    Sellersville ES Rich Phy Facilities Manager RPhy@Pennridge.org 215-257-1336 ext 3
    Seylar ES Chris Wall Facilities Manager CWall@Pennridge.org 215-257-6299 ext 3
    West Rockhill ES Derek Silvestri Facilities Manager DSilvestri@Pennridge.org 215-257-2780 ext 3
  • Bedminster ES
  • Central MS
  • Deibler ES
  • Grasse ES
  • Guth ES
  • High School
  • North MS
  • Operations
  • Sellersville ES
  • Seylar ES
  • South MS
  • West Rockhill ES
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