• History of Sellersville

    The present Sellersville Elementary School was constructed in 1962. Although named the Sellersville Elementary School, only the parking lot is actually in Sellersville Borough. The remainder of the school is located in West Rockhill Township. The school replaced the aging Sellersville School located on Church Street, now renovated into Sellersville Borough Offices. The facility started with eleven classrooms, library, all-purpose room, kitchen and offices. The school originally built for two classes for each grade level soon became over crowded, and an eight classroom multi-floor addition was built in 1968. During the eighties the population of Sellersville School swelled creating the need of another addition. The 1988 addition offered the school a separate gym; an enhanced library that included a story pit, instructional area, reference area, audio-visual room and office; and several more classrooms bringing the total number of classrooms to twenty-eight and our current population to 300 students. 
    Mrs. Drucilla Bonney was the first principal in 1962. Other past principals include: Dr. Peter Lamana, Dr. William Warner, Mr. Thomas Szabo, Dr. Donald Muenker, and Miss Pricilla Ponist. Our current principal is Mrs. Baker.