The following four items are required by law for admission to Pennridge School District. Acceptable documentation for each item is listed below. Registration will not be recognized until the above documentation has been presented.

    Proof of Child's Age

    • Original, state-sealed Birth Certificate and/or Valid Passport. 

    Immunization Records

    • A current copy of your child's Immunization Records.
    • All students shall be immunized against specific diseases in accordance with state law and regulations, unless specifically exempt for religious, moral, or medical reasons.
    • A student shall be exempt from immunization requirements whose parent/guardian objects in writing to such immunization on religious or moral grounds or whose physician certifies, in writing, that the student's physical condition contraindicates immunization. 

    Proof of Residency (a total of three forms are required)

    • You must provide a copy of your current mortgage statement or a valid signed and executed property deed (all pages) or a current signed/dated lease or rental Agreement (all pages), one current Utility bill, AND one additional from the list below:
      • Current Utility Bill (or a work order showing a new utility is being established in your name at this address)
      • Current Credit Card statement
      • Current Bank Statement (can easily be changed online with most banks)
      • Current Mortgage Statement (can be submitted if full deed is used as your primary proof of residency)
      • Current Vehicle Registration (can easily be changed online)
      • Current Welfare Documentation
      • Current Health Insurance Documentation
      • Current Property Tax Bill
      • Settlement Papers
      • Proof of Current Homeowners/Renters Insurance
      • Current Voter Registration Card
      • Current Income Tax/W2
      • Post Office Change of Address Verification

    Please Note: All documentation must be current and include the name and physical address of the parent/guardian registering the child. Also, the district DOES NOT accept an agreement of sale or a driver's license as proof of residency.

    Parent/Guardian Photo Identification

    Current Pennsylvania Drivers License is preferred; however we will also accept a current US Passport or PA photo Identification card.

    The following additional items are requested at the time of registration if applicable:

    • Student Records/Reports
    • All children entering grades 6-8 must provide a copy of their most recent report card.
    • All children entering grades 9-12 must provide a copy of their unofficial transcript and recent report card.
    • All children currently receiving any type of Special Education needs, including gifted, must provide a copy of their most recent IEP/CER and or evaluation reports.
    • All Students living in Foster Care or under Legal Guardianship must provide a copy of their court documentation or placement information.