If you are moving within the Pennridge School District and need to change your child's address please do the following:
    • Go to the school your child is currently attending and work with the staff to provide the documentation that is required, including a Change of Address Form. *Please note - If you have multiple children, you may complete this process for all children at one building. 

    • You will need to provide the district with three forms of current proof of residency for your new address.  Click for more information regarding acceptable forms of proof of residency.
    Once this form and proof of residency has been received, the building will process your request through the system. A copy of this paperwork will be sent to the Transportation Department so your child's bus can be re-routed.
    Someone from the Transportation Department will contact you directly with the new bus information. Please allow at least two business days for the change to take effect. PLEASE DO NOT place your child on a new bus until you have heard from the Transportation Department.
    Thank You.