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    Use of Facilities

    The District has implemented an online facilities scheduling system called FMX.  The system provides an easy-to-use web portal for all District staff members, community groups, and outside organizations to reserve District facilities.  Registration instructions are below, and after registering, organizations or individuals may request use of Pennridge School District facilities.  A request must go through an approval process in the scheduling system.  This is a multi-step process, but a request is not considered final until the requestor receives an approval notice from FMX. 

    The approval notice will include an estimate of usage fees, if applicable.  All fees will be invoiced following the event based on the facilities use policy.  Fees are charged for the use of facilities in accordance with the classification of the user and the facility and/or athletic field requested.  Fees are also charged for custodial services, AV equipment operator, game managers, security, lifeguard, food service, etc. 

    In the event of a scheduling conflict with school district activities, which are top priority, it may be necessary to change the location or date of your event.  Every effort will be made to comply with your request.

    As per the School District’s Energy Policy, all school buildings are closed and unavailable for public use during the summer months, Friday through Sunday.

    If you have any questions, please contact Jackie Schuler at jschuler@pennridge.org or 215-453-2713. 


    Please become familiar with the Board Policy (Policy #707) and documents related to facility use.  



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    Policy 707 Use of School Facilities (rev2021-02-22)

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