• Bedminster Township was named for the town Bedminster, Somersetshire, England. Bedminster was part of Plumstead Township until 1742. The first schools in the township were built near churches, and the first school of which we have a record was a school house built at Kellers Church by the congregation in 1751-1752.

    In 1834 the Pennsylvania Legislature passed the first act providing for a system of common schools, but it was not until 1850 that a petition was filed to establish a Bedminster Township School Board.

    In 1883 an attorney was hired to advise the Board, and in 1885 the school term was extended to six months. Beginning teachers were paid $28.00 per month. Over the years the term was extended to eight and then nine months. The Bedminster schools included Pipersville, Deep Run, Bedminster, Fretz Valley, Yost's, Mood's, Center, Smith's, Algard's, Myers', Modern Presbyterian, Union, Keelersville, and Tyson's. Gradually these schools have been closed and sold.

    The School Board, realizing the needs of the children, was much concerned because of the physical and the educational inadequacies of the one-room schools. Believing that becoming a part of a larger school system would bring advantages for their children, an agreement was signed April 26, 1948 making Bedminster Township part of the Deep Run Joint School Board. Realizing that the one-room schools were overcrowded, the Board decided to build the Bedminster Township Consolidated School. Ground was broken for the new school on April 13, 1957, and the children moved into the completed school on January 6, 1958.

Historic Timeline

  • The town of Bedminster was organized in 1742.

    First school established 1751

    Bedminster Elementary opened in 1958

    One-room schoolhouses sold in 1958:

    Public Sale notice