• One to One Program Grades 6-12


    A 1:1 environment provides equitable access to technology to all students.

    What are the benefits of a 1:1 program?

    • Devices are not shared equally between classrooms.
    • Teachers need to sign out carts in advance.
    • Time is wasted transporting carts from classroom to classroom throughout the day.
    • There is no ownership of devices, causing issues with care and maintenance. 
    • Students and teachers will still have access to shared computers in the building when needed.
    • Care and maintenance.


    Students are given a computer in 6th grade and they keep it for all 3 years of middle school  


    All students are given a computer in their freshman year.  They keep the computer for the 4 years they are in the HS  


    5 Advantages of 1:1