• Greetings, Pennridge, and welcome to the Pennridge School Board webpage.

    The Pennridge School Board realizes that it can be challenging to get to committee and board meetings, so we’d like to offer this as a central location where you can find the latest news about board business. We’ll also use this page to answer FAQs and offer clarifying information about the various issues before us. This will be the source for the most accurate and up-to-date school board information.

    Of course, you will still always be welcome to attend meetings in person or watch them online. You may also make public comments at committee and/or board meetings or write to us at our PSDSchoolboard@pennridge.org address, for any additional questions or concerns you have. This email address sends your message to all nine Board members as well as our Superintendent.

    The goal is to stay in touch and keep everyone informed, so we can continue to provide the very best education possible in the most welcoming environment for our students. We hope you’ll make a habit of checking in with us here! We encourage communication and transparency. Please feel free to attend our public meetings and email us directly with any comments, concerns, or questions.  

    You can also get a recap of Board meetings and links to all monthly videos and Board Docs specific to those monthly meetings on our "PSBR- Pennridge School Board Review" newsletters. Click here to go to that page.


  • Click here to watch live streamed PSD School Board Videos and previously recorded meetings
2023 PSD School Board Official Picture
  • (L-R) Row 1: Mrs. Christine Batycki, Mrs. Ricki Chaikin, Mrs. Megan Banis-Clemens, Vice President, Mrs. Jordan Blomgren, Mrs. Joan Cullen


      (L-R) Row 2: Dr. David Bolton, Superintendent of PSD, Mr. Jonathan Russell, Mr. David Reiss, President, Mr. Ronald Wurz, Mr. Robert Cormack

  • How does someone get on the School Board and how long is their term?

    - A School Board is a legislative body of citizens called school directors elected locally by their fellow citizens to serve as their representatives.  Each Board consists of nine members who volunteer to serve four-year terms, without pay.

    - Elections for Board members are held at your regular polling place, every two years in November of odd-numbered years using a 5-4 member rotation to ensure continuity.  The Pennsylvania Code requires candidates to be a citizen of Pennsylvania, at least 18 years old, of good moral character, and a resident of the School District for at least one year prior to an election.


    What are their duties according to the Pennsylvania School Code?

    * Adopt courses of study and textbooks

    * Establish the length of the school term

    * Adopt the annual budget

    * Elect the Superintendent and hire the necessary employees

    * Levy taxes

    * Provide and maintain necessary grounds and school buildings

    * Enter into written contracts with professional employees and into collective bargaining agreements

    * Prescribe, adopt, and enforce reasonable rules and regulations regarding school activities, publications, and organizations


  • School Board Documents (Board Docs


    The Pennridge School District utilizes BoardDocs to post all policies. 

    Please click here for BoardDocs and select policies.


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